It’s amazing what you can find in a church basement!

Before Alex and I moved to Lynnwood we had already made a major purchase. Sleeping in the full bed I had grown up in was great when I came home from college, but not so great with Alex. Although, it was a great bed for cuddling, it just wasn’t working for a restful night’s sleep. After about six months of sweet talking, I finally convinced Alex we needed a BIGGER bed and if we were going to go BIGGER we might as well get the BIGGEST we could. Somehow, we managed to fork over enough dough to purchase our king size, cherry sleigh bed.


(Just a random catalog picture of the bed.)

But since we had spent so much on the bed, purchasing matching nightstands and a dresser were out of the question. Luckily enough for me, my thrifty nature is hereditary and my grandmother went on a mission to find something that would work for our bedside tables. (Just so you know, Mumzie should have opened her own business being a picker for antique dealers. She can find anything, anywhere.) One of her frequent stops is at local church thrift store. It isn’t really an impressive honey hole, so when she told me she had picked up a pair of  cherry in-tables for 50cents I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as always Mumz delivered.


They needed a little work, but nothing a little Old English couldn’t fix. Besides 50cents? Really? Done and done. At this point I had already decided that I wanted to create a “hotel chic” atmosphere in our bedroom. Or maybe traditional, with a touch of glam would be more appropriate. Either way if you’re going to have a glam room you have to have some mirrored furniture!

This is gorgeous and $400 dollars from Pottery Barn

Somehow I had to get from the 50cent finds from Mumz to the mirrored effect. Guess who came to save the day? SANTA CLAUSE (a.k.a my momma!)!!! One of the best gifts I got was a sander for Christmas and I put it straight to work.

50Cent find ( and not found by the rapper 50Cent, it actually cost 50Cent for 2!)

Sanded to it's bones!

Primed with Kilz

After a little bit of research and some thought, it looked like I had two options – 1.) Sliver leaf each table ( it would look great, but with all the curves in this piece I could see it being a nightmare); 2.) Give it an old spray paint job. And you guessed it, my OCD led me to the spray paint choice. I knew I would spend hours trying to get every little bubble out of the leafing (Which all of my students and fellow teachers would know because my mother-in-law and I did a similar treatment to my desk at school last summer and I spend every free moment poking at the little bubbles that we couldn’t smooth out.).  Of course if this were 1992 the selection of colors for spray paint probably would have been limited, but there is literally an unlimited supply of color choices these days and I found the perfect metallic shade. I coated each table twice and gave it a high gloss seal (also in spray paintish form) to prevent any scratches. Of course I felt like if I were going to have new bed side tables I needed new lamps. Duh! I hit up Home Goods and I found two great, glam lamps for $30.00 each. After adding a few of our favorite books and few finds from the Catholic Thrift store, I was really happy with how they turned out.

Glam night stands for $32.50!

This was a super cheap project – around $32.50- and it turned out great. Of course one good thing about doing redo on the cheap is if you don’t like it, it was cheap. Start over. So, we have two glam nightstands, but what about the dresser??????


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