Master Bedroom Reveal!

We knew when we signed on the dotted line for Lynnwood,  that there was a lot of work to be done . With a limited budget and only two weeks to until move in day, we focused our energy on getting all the outdated, floral, ceiling to floor wallpaper down. After  quick trips to Lowe’s and Eade’s Hardware, (our local hardware store, who carries nearly everything Lowe’s does.)  we settled on the paint colors for each of the main rooms. First up on the list was the master bedroom. Since the previous owners wanted to make sure the wallpaper stayed put, they lathered it up with wallpaper paste. AHHHH!!!  It took the four of us (Alex’s amazing parents have helped us do almost all the updates to the house.) two nights to finally get the dark purple, flower nightmare off the wall. FYI – I’m almost positive wallpaper was created by the devil.

Once the wallpaper was finally down, we had to address all those small patches you see towards the top of the ceiling and under the window. These small holes turned out to be a very good problem. The previous owners went along all the outside walls of the house and blew in insulation ( I would recommend this to anyone, our house stays  toasty all winter!). The only downside was they didn’t go back and patch up all the small holes left behind. We slapped some drywall compound on each spot and sanded ’em down. After the patchwork had dried we hit the walls with a coat of primer and a few coats of a light blue/gray from Porter (this was pre-blog, so of course I didn’t keep the name of the paint and they didn’t label the can.) It wasn’t the exact color I was going for, I wanted a little more grey, but it ended up looking great on the walls. We snatched the curtains left behind in the guest room ( huge thanks to Alex’s grandmother to putting her pressing skills to work for us on the drapes). Slowly over the course of a year we added some accessories to the space to make it as relaxing as possible.

There are still a few things we would like to change. We’re still trying to find the perfect wall art and we’ve had three different looks on the bed. But hey, Design is an evolving process. Literally 5 minutes after this picture was taken the painting on the left side of the dresser cam tumbling down and crushed one of our candlesticks to bits, so that’ll be a changing. Either way, we love our master bedroom, it a relaxing, soothing (almost hotel like) room!



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2 responses to “Master Bedroom Reveal!

  1. Megan Sturgeon

    This looks awesome! I am very impressed! If you are feeling really inspired hop in your car and head on down to Lancaster…I am totally lost as to what to do with our house!

    • Thanks!! Keep us bookmarked! It took us a long time to really get to the point where we felt like weren’t overwhelmed. Start with one room first and don’t move on until you finish it. Also, check out – they keep me super inspired and they have great links to other awesome blogs! If these snow days keep up I might just have to zoom to Lancaster and check out ya’lls new house!

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