Weekly Plans

Is it really March tomorrow? WOW! It doesn’t seem like it’s March, but that means warmer weather isn’t far away! This will be my first full week without having some sporting event to attend at school. I’m excited because that means I can work on a couple of projects during the week. Although, I know Al is excited to have me at home, he isn’t loving that his “honey-do” list is growing. 😉 One project we will for sure get started on is the back bath. In fact, we picked up the paint this weekend after a delish sushi dinner (where I saw my oldest, best friend in the world!).

Dew Drop

Dew Drop



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2 responses to “Weekly Plans

  1. Amy Kaiser

    Sara, I had no idea you were doing this, how awesome! I feel slightly inspired. 🙂 Hope all is well!

    • Thanks Amy!! Yeah, we’re always doing something different to the house and everyone wants to know what’s next, so I said “hey, we should blog” haha! I hope you are doing well as well!!!

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