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Mission OG – SB 2K10

The main project that I wanted to focus on this week was our garage. Mission Organize  the Garage – Spring Break 2010 is in full effect. Thank goodness, I can’t find anything in that mess!

As you can see this is going to be a little time-consuming.


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When I set out to “renew” our back bath, my goal was to spend the least amount of money as possible (really this is my goal on every project) and to create a relaxing, almost spa like, space.  Having naked walls isn’t all that relaxing, but I knew I didn’t have extra money in the budget to purchase art. My mind immediately went to a FREE DIY ART idea I had jotted down in my design journal, that involved various shades of our wall color laid out in squares.

For the project I would need a frame – We got some awesome frames for wedding gifts that we had stored away for when they could be worked into our designs, meaning that the frame cost ZERO dollars.

I’d like to think of myself as being pretty creative (it’s the left hander in me), but I’m far from being artistic. I knew there was no way that I would be able to paint perfect squares out. Yes, I know it sounds simple, but I’m a slight perfectionist and I would drive myself crazy trying to get each square perfect. Which is why using paint samples to create a modern college would work great!

And paint samples are FREEEEEEEE!!! After work I headed over to Wally World and collected a zillion samples  that were shades of our  wall color. Back in the day I was one of those little kids who always went to the paint department when my parents were at the hardware store and took samples of all my favorite colors. I kept waiting for someone to smack me on the hand and say “What do you think you’re doing young lady”. Which probably would have happened if any of the employees saw the massive amount of samples I stuffed into my purse.

The only other thing I would need was tape, which we had that at the house.

They really odd part of this project was that I did it sitting in the bathroom floor leaning against the toilet.  I took the display page of the frame and then matched and cut down the samples I wanted to use and taped them down to the page. Of course, being left- handed and  cutting with scissors never turns out good. But I thought the somewhat  uneven lines added something to the project.

Finally, I just popped everything back in the frame and wa-lah a 100% FREE and orignal piece of art!


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Spring Break 2K10 – Let’s Get Wild…..

…….checking things off the to-do list!! WHOOOO!!! Obviously, a huge perk of being a teacher are all the breaks we get, but a downfall is that most of my friends have what I like to  call “real people jobs” and aren’t free to run off to the beach this week. So, I plan to get after a couple of things around here. Of course I’m probably being a little ambitious but here’s whats on tap:

– Massive spring cleaning day

– Get the garage organized and cleaned (since some four legged creature camped out for a week or so).

– Wrap up a few projects

– Get the front yard looking good.

– Annual shopping trip with Paigearita.

– And win lots of money on the ponies at the spring meet.

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The next few days could be hit or miss for updates since we’ll be hyped up for the CATS playing in the Sweet 16 (and hopefully beyond).

And we’re pretty obsessed with our Kentucky Basketball. I’m so pumped this is what I’m wearing today to work:

Yes. I’m serious. And yes, I am a teacher. But it’s BIG BLUE DAY today and I BLEED BLUE!!! GO CATS!!!!!

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Side Room Update

Last weekend when I was away playing with friends, Alex and Mitch were hard at work on Lynnwood. I guess you could say I’m more than a little anxious to get this project finished. Or at least get to the point where you don’t have to wear shoes to walk to the bathroom.

Here is where we are as of today – 3/24/10-

Even though it looks like we have a ways to go (and there is a lot to be done), it’ll be time to paint before you know it. My plan was to paint the space in the Khaki Taupe color I used for the gray stripes in the laundry room, but after seeing it on the walls it looks like it will be to dark for our future den. We don’t get a lot of natural light in the room because the garage blocks the sun in the afternoons and evenings. And since the room is small and narrow I think I’ll stick the simple design rule of going light with color to make  the room feel bigger.

We’re hoping we can really hit it hard this weekend (I’m hoping that we can get all the drywall up, so I can mud and sand on spring break).

37 days ’til Derby Day.

AND I’d like to wish my super, wonderful, amazing, spectacular Mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!

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“Renewing the Back Bath”- Part 1

Three weeks, or so, ago I posted our weekly plans, which included painting the back bathroom. I promise it wasn’t just a random post. It took me a while to find the mojo to get going. Especially after all those stripes. But I gathered all my supplies and set out to “Renew the Back Bath” .  The space is relatively new compared to the rest of the house, so just a few minor touch ups were needed.

One of the first things that I wanted to replace were the NASTY, and I mean NASTY ,shower doors!  My mom will be the first person to tell you that I’ve never been the best keeper of the bathroom.  And for those of you who have been spared the funk of shower doors they are an absolute NIGHTMARE to keep clean (which was my excuse for not cleaning them;). Plus, they just weren’t making the bathroom look like a young couple was using the facilities on a daily basis. In short- THEY HAD TO GO!

This was the "clean end".....YUCK!

The Proccess was fairly simple to remove the doors.


  • Phillips screw driver.
  • Small hammer
  • Razor
  • Sponge
  • Goo Gone
  • Alex (inserted by Alex :))

Step One: I used a screw driver to remove the screws on both ends. There were only three on the sides for us, but you may have a screw or two on the bottom also.

Step Two: This is probably a step that most of you can skip, but whomever installed these shower doors didn’t want them to go anywhere. I had no problem getting the right side down. But the left side had a ton of caulk holding it in place, so reinforcements had to be called in. Once again, Alex came to the rescue. Not to brag, but Al is a pretty strong dude and he couldn’t even get the left side to come loose. I went digging in the tool box until I found my baby sledge-hammer, which is always perfect for any demo.

 Doin' Work Son!

Doin' Work Son!

A few hard swings and it all came tumbling down.

Step Three: Once we had the actual doors down, the real work began – removing the 16 tubes of caulk that were used. I picked up a pack of razors ( and not razors you shave your legs with) for a little over a dollar and went to work scraping away (As long as you don’t press too hard this is totally safe to use on your tub or shower.). The large chunks were no problem for the razor, but……..

……the grimy leftovers weren’t wanting to budge. Never fear Goo Gone is here!!

A few squrits of the “magic potion” and the leftover caulk came right off.

Mission completed.

Or almost complete. Obviously, we needed some type of replacement if we didn’t want a flash flood warning issued in our bathroom. But that comes in part 2! 😉


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The Power of Jute Rope

Texture, or lack thereof, can make or break a room. I used to have a really hard time finding textures that I thought would work well in rooms. That is until I discovered the power of JUTE ROPE (echoing voice)! Forever ago I was watching an episode of HGTV’s Design on a Dime and the room they were working on had zero texture. Very bland and boring. Kristan Cunningham, the designer, worked on a project where she took jute rope and covered the boring seat of a wooden chair. My mind immediately went to all the rough twine I played with growing up on the farm. Who would want to sit on that? But I had to give it to Kristan, the chair did look amazing and it looked like a super easy project. So on my next trip to the holy land, a.k.a Hobby Lobby, I found myself with a roll of  jute in my buggy. I was surprised at how soft the rope was, nothing like ole’ hay twine.

We had a plain  chair in our office that could use some life and the room was in desperate need of texture. I knew putting jute on the seat was out but, I could weave it in-between the slats on the back of the chair.

It turned out great! Every once and a while I’ll add more rope as it slides down the slats, but overall this was easy-peezy!

Then I realized our curtains would look better tied back so I crafted some jute tie backs.

Tie back. HOLLA!

And while we are at it,  that orange and yellow pencil holder was clashing bad with the rest of the room. Good shape, bad color.  You guessed it, JUTE ROPE to the rescue (superhero voice)!




And don’t  forget about our “travel art”

Oh, Jute you have so much potential, it’s only a matter of time before you appear again!


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