Another exciting day at the mailbox!!!

Friday I received my map in the mail and today was equally as great. My Thom Filicia book was waiting for me this afternoon! I ripped it open as soon as I got inside!  I’ve only put it down long enough to workout and post this. I LOVE IT! Plus, I used my old college tricks and purchased it online for only $5 bucks! HOLLA!



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3 responses to “Another exciting day at the mailbox!!!

  1. Aunt Connie

    I love your blog – it makes me smile. I am glad to see that Alex is giving you tulips!

    • Thanks Con!! It makes me smile too!! I’ll have to give you some credit for my creative juices. You always kept them going when I was little! I’d like to think my design life began with a homemade castle! 🙂 Come over soon for a real tour!!!

      • Aunt Connie

        yes – tis true – that’s when your creativity probably all started!I love the fact that I can put in living on lynnwood in my search engine and you come up – that’s fabulous!
        Do you have a home e-mail address? Send it to me –

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