Our favorite piece of furniture on Lynnwood!

In our post about our glam nightstands we talked about how when we purchased our king size bed we didn’t have funds left over to purchase the rest of the bedroom suit. Then of course Mumz had clutch find with the end tables and I worked a little DIY magic on them. But we still had to address the issue of a dresser or a chest. I went to college about three hours from my hometown and my mom just didn’t think hauling my massive bedroom suite back and forth twice a year was really worth the hassle. So when I finally escpaed the dorm, my mom and I went out in search of some el cheapo furniture I could take with me down to WKU. We found, at local thrift/antique store, a white baby chest (and wicker head board and night stand all for $80).  When Alex and I moved in together the baby chest came along.

College baby chest (look another missing drawer)

While it served its purpose in college it wasn’t really fitting into my design plan. If there is one positive to Alex and I coming from divorced families, its the abundance of extra furniture everyone seems to have. My grandparents are divorced and by the far the best source for extra stuff laying around. When my grandfather and Mumz got married in the 1950’s they purchased a massive amount of furniture for $800 (I’m talking bedroom set, living room set, kitchen table and chairs, the works). When they split most of what was still around went with Mumz to town and down into her basement. I was rummaging around down there one day (Mumz has the best stuff in her basement) and saw a cherry dresser hiding in a back corner and immediately thought – PERFECT!!! Same type of wood, clean straight lines, and lots of storage. To make a long story short we eventually dragged the dresser out of the depths and down to our house (we live on the same street). The bones looked good but after being in hiding for 25 yrs. it needed some love.

Back from the depths, and of course, missing a drawer! LOL

I picked up some dark wood Old English and went to work on all the scratches and water stains. I also wasn’t feeling the hardware, so I gave it an update with the ole’ metal spray paint that we used in the kitchen and on the hutch revamp. The results were amazing!!




Yes, I love this dresser because it was free (total cost- I’m gonna say 5 bucks for the old english) and matched perfectly with our existing furniture. But I’m in love with the dresser because it belonged to two of the people I love most in this world- my grandparents. 🙂


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