Backyard- Chapter 1

How amazing was the weather this weekend? I always think it’s so weird how mid 50’s can feel great during March but freezing during September.

Anyhoo, Alex and I took full advantage of the glorious weather and started work on the backyard. Last year we focused most of our efforts, and cash, on the front yard.  This year we are moving to the backyard and sprucing things up a bit. We love our house, but we were disappointed that there wasn’t a usuable outdoor space in the backyard. Although, we aren’t anywhere near being ready to build a deck or a patio, we went ahead and cleared out the space that we plan on using. While I moved the field rocks that were used to outline the flower bed, Alex went to work on digging up the grass and bush roots.

Rocks that either lined the bed or were buried in the center. I told ya the back is a mess.

Some of the roots did not want to budge, so we’re still trying to decide what route to go with those. Now the debate begins on what type of design will work best for us.  Suggestions are welcomed!! 🙂

Dream Patio


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