Side Room



I love to read and I love how a good bookshelf filled with beautiful books makes rooms look. But come on, floor to ceiling shelves? This room is far too narrow to have this much floor space gobbled up. And that carpet…YUCK!  IT HAD TO GO!

I used my hatred for some guy named Billy Gillespie and sadness over Kentucky only making the NIT to rip it all out!!


Yes, that nightmare of a basketball season was a year ago. And yes, that means that this project has gone on for more than year. But as Alex says “Rome wasn’t built in day.”

Here are some of the progress pictures:

The goal is to have everything completed by Derby Day (for all you non-Kentuckicans that means by the first Saturday in May). EEkkkkkkkk! We better start gettin’ after it PRONTO!


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One response to “Side Room

  1. You’ve undertaken a huge project; cheers to you! I look forward to seeing the end result.

    ~Erin @ Cultivating Home

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