Where in the World Have the Wells’ Been?

(I hope you read that title to the tune of Carmen San Diego)

Alex and I love traveling together and we love updating our house. Both of these hobbies can get a little pricey, meaning we don’t get to either of them as often as we would like. But I love when are travels and our home can come together. Which is what happened with my latest DIY project – Our Travel Map.

I can’t say that my creative mind came up with this one all on my own. Once again Young House Love gave me some inspiration. But I did alter it a tad.

Step 1: I hopped on ETSY after spending ages trying to find the perfect map of the United States. I wanted something that matched our color scheme, but I also wanted a map with a good story.

I found a 1924 map for $20.00, once I added shipping. Of course Alex said, “how do you know its authentic because there isn’t a date printed on the map?” Good thing I’m a history teacher. It was obvious it was authentic because #1 Alaska and Hawaii aren’t on the map  because they hadn’t joined the union yet and #2 large west coast cities, like Las Vegas, aren’t on the map because they hadn’t developed. Authenticity proved!

Step 2: Find backing and a frame. I originally planned to use bulletin board like Sheri had in her example, but when I went to our big box store they (as always) didn't hav the size I needed. Alex spotted an art canvas for about $3.00 and thought that would look just as good. So, I grabbed a canvas and a tube of cream paint, since knew the bright white wouldn't look good against the aged map.

But the canvas needed something else. We purchased a rod of very thin moulding from Lowe’s and we were going to make our own frame, but once I got  back to our home office I couldn’t decide what finish would look best. Besides, the goal is to keep this cheap. JUTE ROPE to the rescue! I decided I would use my trusty roll of jute to wrap the canvas, adding both texture and a frame. You can’t beat that!

Step 3: The final step was to pin every city Alex and I have traveled to together. There aren't tons of pins on the map now, but one day we hope to have this piece of art covered in straight pins!Finished Product

I think it turned out pretty good and was on the cheap side at $25.00. I could have saved more by getting a “newer” map, but then I wouldn’t have story to tell and  y’all know I love a good story! 😉


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