What’s in My Journal?

When I first started to get interested in design and remodeling projects I saw a million things I liked and I forgot a million things I liked. I would scour magazines, books, the web, HGTV, DIY Network, etc…and I would would literally see all sorts of things I thought we could pull off, but would totally forget about it two days later. I had an old, empty Journal laying around that I thought would be perfect for jotting down all of my design ideas.

My Journal

What’s in this journal you say? Well nothing too juicy. But  I do have a list of all of our “indoor goals for 2010” and a list for all the “outside goals for 2010”.  Each room has it’s own to do list as well, making it easy to tackle projects in each space. Every time I see something in a magazine I like, I’ll clip it out and paste in the journal and if I’m reading something or watching something on TV and see something that inspires me, I’ll jot that down as well. I lug this baby almost everywhere, especially on my trips to Lowe’s where I scribble down measurements and prices of everything I see but can’t buy just yet. Talk about OCD to the max!

I've had an ongoing love affair with this bench (with storage spaces) for too long. I need one.


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