I am super pumped for this weekend because I’m escaping with my two BEST BEST FRIENDS in the entire world!! It’s been forever since it’s been just us girls and I couldn’t need this any more. We’re headed to “Da Ville” for a little fun. They’re both hitting up a wedding, while I’m going to hit up a couple of stores I’ve been anxiously waiting to visit, including my first trip toZ Gallerie !!!!!!!

While I’m off enjoying myself, Alex and Mitch will be hitting the side room hard (or at least thats what Al is telling me).  Earlier in the week I posted some pictures of our progress, but we’ve actually made it a little further than the last picutre showed. Because the ceiling was in such bad shape we decieded to drop the ceiling 2″. Al and Mitch framed out the ceiling with 2 x 4’s.

 Mitch putting up the 2x4's

Mitch putting up the 2x4's

And then the screwed all the drywall up. Of course the room has an odd shape so it took a little more time than expected. But the biggest problem has been a leak on the chimney. The leak has been located, thanks to myself (or at least I think so). I squirmed myself up into our attic to do some inspection and helped Mitch locate the problem. So, after doing some patching and repair, we have one last portion of drywall to add to the ceiling.

 Alex hard @ work.

Alex hard @ work!

"Domestic Diva" tool belt.

That small hole is the leak.

Diana and I already inserted all of the insulation (TAX CREDIT!)  since behind the layers and layers of paneling there wasn’t any. It made a difference immeditly, I can only imagine how much warmer it will be when all the walls are up.  But until then, this is where we are as of March 13th – 48 days until Derby. Times a tickin’!

Progress as of 3/13/10


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