When I set out to “renew” our back bath, my goal was to spend the least amount of money as possible (really this is my goal on every project) and to create a relaxing, almost spa like, space.  Having naked walls isn’t all that relaxing, but I knew I didn’t have extra money in the budget to purchase art. My mind immediately went to a FREE DIY ART idea I had jotted down in my design journal, that involved various shades of our wall color laid out in squares.

For the project I would need a frame – We got some awesome frames for wedding gifts that we had stored away for when they could be worked into our designs, meaning that the frame cost ZERO dollars.

I’d like to think of myself as being pretty creative (it’s the left hander in me), but I’m far from being artistic. I knew there was no way that I would be able to paint perfect squares out. Yes, I know it sounds simple, but I’m a slight perfectionist and I would drive myself crazy trying to get each square perfect. Which is why using paint samples to create a modern college would work great!

And paint samples are FREEEEEEEE!!! After work I headed over to Wally World and collected a zillion samples  that were shades of our  wall color. Back in the day I was one of those little kids who always went to the paint department when my parents were at the hardware store and took samples of all my favorite colors. I kept waiting for someone to smack me on the hand and say “What do you think you’re doing young lady”. Which probably would have happened if any of the employees saw the massive amount of samples I stuffed into my purse.

The only other thing I would need was tape, which we had that at the house.

They really odd part of this project was that I did it sitting in the bathroom floor leaning against the toilet.  I took the display page of the frame and then matched and cut down the samples I wanted to use and taped them down to the page. Of course, being left- handed and  cutting with scissors never turns out good. But I thought the somewhat  uneven lines added something to the project.

Finally, I just popped everything back in the frame and wa-lah a 100% FREE and orignal piece of art!



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3 responses to “FREE ART!

  1. I like! Thanks for the clever idea on how to use my massive amounts of paint chips.

  2. Brenda H Moore

    OOOH so smart!!!

  3. Beth Jacobson

    Yyou are too creative! LOVE IT!

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