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Better Before or After?

I love, love, love when I hit up my favorite blogs and they have posted ‘Before and After’ pictures of  projects! I get all giddy! So imagine how excited I was when I found a WHOLE blog devoted to only ‘Before and After’ pictures! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

You should check it out because not only are some of the transformations amazing, but there is always something inspiring to see!



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We Are the Laziest People in the World

We did absolutely nothing to the house this weekend. Actually, I take that back. We did get the lock on the front door fixed by our close family friend. But other than that we did nothing besides lay around and eat (just what we both needed). Was the weekend wasted? Nah…..everyone needs time away from projects. And what better way to spend a rainy weekend (Thank you God, we needed the rain) than with each other and our daughter Bella Wells?!?

Here’s to hoping we get something done this week!

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Decorators Showcase 2010

No, we aren’t being showcased. Not yet anyways. 😉

Last month I blogged about House, a great group of local designers starting out on their own. This month my Mom and I are planning another outing to scope out the boy’s work, but this time it’s on location at the Decorators Showcase. I’m not only excited because we’ll get to check out local designers, but I’m also glad that the profits are going  to benefit the Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass. NHOA works to protects the rights of residents, which is really important to me and my family since my Granny Florence resides in our local nursing home.

The dates run April 24th- May 16th and lunch is being provided each day by one of my favorite restaurants -Vardens. If you have a chance and are looking for something to do for fairly cheap (discounted tickets are available if you get them by Friday.) with some people you love you should check this out!

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Weekend Warriors!

Since we’ve been spending our weekends here:

It doesn’t look like we’re going to be making our Derby Day deadline :(. But progress is continuing. . They are working today and getting SO much done!

Alex ripping out the old door.

Alex and I have pushed back d-day until I get out of school, which is June 4th. So far we haven’t been very good at meeting deadlines, but as my dear friend Laura Conley says “Hope springs eternal!”

My Dad has also stopped by to help out with a plumbing issue under the kitchen sink.

That means I currently not only have Alex working hard but 2 dads as well. I am one happy girl!!


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Café Lynnwood- Chapter 3 The Final Reveal

Over the past week we’ve revealed parts of our kitchen renew. We started the basics – paint and cabinets– and the last Café Lynnwood post showed off our AWESOME wine rack that Mitch made us. Now it’s time for Chapter 3- The Final Reveal. Although, final is used very loosely here because I’ll come up with some other project for the kitchen soon (actually, I already have a few small things brewing).  🙂

One thing I really wanted to avoid when I started to accessorize was the “Italian kitchen” look. Don’t get me wrong this looks great in some people’s houses, but it just wouldn’t work for us. The second thing I wanted to avoid was spending a lot of money. Luckily, we got some really amazing wedding gifts that were neutral and would work great in our new kitchen. Like the my beehive canisters (my very favorite gifts!) from a local gift shop.

Cabinets After

I got our mahogany table at an estate sale. It wasn’t cheap (as Alex will tell you) by any means, but I think a space needs one expensive piece to make it pop and if you work your budget right  you can make it happen. The table fit perfectly in the eat in area. I didn’t get the matching chairs at the auction, but I follow the rule of avoiding the catalog look so it worked out fine. The chairs you see at the table I found, once again, in my grandmother’s basement. Not exactly what I wanted, but they work for now. We installed an updated fixture and hung a HUGE clock that I found for about 100 bucks at Garden Ridge. We also added blinds and a set of the perfect Better Homes & Gardens curtains (Wal-Mart. Super cheap).

Eat in area - Before

Eat in area - After

Everything else, I’ve just  picked up along the way. For instance, I was driving down main street one day and saw a wicker cabinet outside of an antique shop. It was love and first sight.  With an oval mirror (again, a wedding gift) it works as the perfect foyer area and offers extra storage.

So far Café Lynnwood has hosted two successful Thanksgiving Dinners, a slew of get togethers with friends and supper at least a few times a week (still working on the cooking bit).We’re pretty happy with how the space turned out. It’s the first room we finished and we think the updates really add a lot to our home. Here are the “Befores and Afters”:



 Eat in Area - Before

Eat in area - Before

Eat in area - After

Cabinets - Before

Cabinets - After

Awkward Space - Before

Awkward Space - After Amazing Wine Rack


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Art So Easy Bella Wells Could Do It!

The title is not an exaggeration folks. Bella Corey Wells helped her mommy out by lending her paws for a super easy art project. For Valentines Day this year Bella and I created an original painting for Alex. Not only did it turn out adorable, but it was simple and cheap! I picked up a $5.00 frame of Wally World, a small tube of paint, and used paper from our printer for Bella to create this master piece:

Alex's V-Day Gift

I covered a paper plate with the paint and helped Bella dab her paws, as much as would let me, and then helped her walk all over the white paper. Of course when she got loose my kitchen floor had more paw prints on it than the paper did, so I’d recommend trying this outdoors. The last step was just to cut down part of Bella’s work to fit the frame. Alex loved it and said it was the best Valentines gift he’d ever gotten. Total cost: $7.00 for the frame and paint.

The second DIY art idea I’m sharing is simple, but not so simple Bella Wells could do it. Once again, I took inspiration for Young House and put my own little spin on it. Sherri had framed one of favorite quotes for some inspirational art (a great idea), but I’m kind of quoted out these days. Instead, I took the lyrics from “our song” (Which no one even knows because the DJ played the wrong first dance song at our wedding, lol!), John Legend’s Stay With You.

Again, this was super simple. I copied and pasted the lyrics, chose a pretty font, added a faded blue close to our wall color, and cut it all out to fit in a frame I had stored away.  Total cost: 100% FREE!

Stay With You - John Legend


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Attention All $$ Savers!

If you’re reading my blog I think its safe to say that you probably like saving money, after all our projects are always done on the cheap. If my assumptions are correct then I know you will love my Aunt Connie’s blog – dairymaid1!  She shares all of her savvy ways and links to lots of savings for you on everything from toilet paper to orange juice. I literally made two clicks and got free Philosophy lotion! Sweet!!

Aunt Connie and Uncle Perry

Like to save money? Checkout this out —->


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