Café Lynnwood – Chapter 1

For almost everyone kitchens and baths sell a house. Unless you’re us. The kitchen and baths were a mess, but we loved the good bones they all had and new cheap remodel would do each space wonders.

The first thing on the list for the kitchen remodel/renew was to get all of the flowered wallpaper down. If you have ever removed wallpaper you know what a nightmare this was since it was put up with paste and covered THE ENTIRE kitchen. Luckily, we had the help of Alex’s super amazing parents and our good friend Andrew a.k.a  Sosbizzle. So we managed to knock it out pretty quickly. But that didn’t stop me from declaring to NEVER EVER PUT WALLPAPER UP in a house.

Eat in area - after wallpaper removal

Although, most of you may make think I have a serious thing for blues and cool colors, I’ve actually had a long time love affair with red. Of course it had to make an appearance somewhere in our house and I couldn’t think of anything better than a red kitchen. Alex on the other hand wasn’t feeling my idea.  But we compromised and I let him pick out the shade of red, Burning Bush (by Olympic ), and we both ended up happy. We also added the Khaki color (also from Olympic)  that would be in our temporary living room/future dining room for two reasons: 1.) A bold rich color can takeover and be too much and 2.) the kitchen and living room are an open concept, so by brining the same colored used in the living room into the kitchen we were able to open up the two spaces even more.  We put the Khaki on the top portion of the eat- in area of the kitchen and the Burning Bush on the bottom.

We went ahead and moved in without making any other changes, but within a week of getting settled  we started on the cabinets. The budget for this project (like all of our projects) was limited and while we would have loved to put in brand new cabinets and countertops, our dolla bills just wouldn’t stretch that far.

Adding a simple coat or two of white paint (which we already had from painting the trim) gave the cabinets and immediate face lift and Diana (Alex’s madre) I painted everything in one  night. My mom and I made a trip to Lowe’s where we were able to find more modern, yet, still traditional, hardware for the cabinets. I was almost knocked out by how expensive handles for cabinetry are, but we were able to save some money by skipping the hinges and using a metal spray paint (in nickel) on each hinge to match the other  our new handles.

Cabinets Before

Cabinets After

So there you have Café Lynnwood – Chapter 1( our paint projects). There are still a few projects the helped transform “their kitchen” into “our kitchen”.


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