Café Lynnwood – Chapter 2

If you missed Café Lynnwood – Chapter 1 make sure you check it out  for details on our paint choices and cheap cabinet makeover.

Again, with our budget being limited and knowing that one day we’ll probably do a mass rehaul of the kitchen, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the backsplash. The in-laws once again came to the rescue and suggested that we checkout the bead board that looks like tile. I’ll admit I wasn’t  completely sold on the idea, but once I saw what they were talking about I was in. Mitch volunteered to measure and cut each piece to size and install everything. He used a few small tack nails (which I can’t even find now) and liquid nails to secure everything into place. Then he went along and used caulk to finish everything off. In the end we spent about 100 bucks, which may seem like a lot, but not when you consider the cost of tiling the entire area.



But the  awkward space was, well, still awkward. When the addition was added to create a second bathroom and the laundry room, the kitchen lost the window above the sink.  We loved the extra square footage created by the addition, but we did not love the open space left by the forgotten window.all put our heads together and to come up a solution. A cabinet wasn’t really an option, because I didn’t want to lose the light above the sink. Shelves would work, but we wanted something that was functional but also looked good.

Inspired by our sudden interest in wine, we decided to sketch out a custom wine rack that would also incorporate a shelf and additional lighting. Once we had an idea of what we wanted we went to The Man, a.k.a Mitch, and he went to work hand crafting our wine rack. We used gift cards we had gotten for Christmas to help purchase the new light fixtures that would be added to the rack, for both functional and visual appeal. Once Mitch was finished Alex helped him secure everything in place and move electric stuff around (I honestly have no idea what they did to make the lights work, but they work.) In the end we ended up with a great new feature that looks like it has been our house for  50+ years.


After (Our wine supply is a bit low.)



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7 responses to “Café Lynnwood – Chapter 2

  1. Megan Sturgeon

    That looks awesome 🙂 The wine supply is low because you have been drinking it all 🙂

  2. Stefanie

    I’ve been wanting scott to build me a wine rack for our kitchen….can you give me some hints on how that one was built?? It looks awesome!

    • Megan- you may be right 😉

      Stefanie – Let me talk to Mitch so I can give the specifics, but can tell you he thought it was pretty easy to do. I’ll message you with the details!

  3. Laura Cunningham

    That looks awesome Sara…maybe you should come and work on mine!

  4. Brittany Eaton

    Flippin’ cute kitchen, friend! I absolutely love it! The wine rack is darling.

    • I totally forget that you haven’t been up to see everything. Let’s change that ASAP!

      I hope you took lots of pictures this weekend when you were working with your Dad!

  5. Nice job! The wine rack turned out awesome and adds so much more appeal to the kitchen.
    ~Erin @ Cultivating Home

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