A Drenched Derby Day

Sheeeewww what a weekend! You always expect Derby Weekend to be little more crazy than the average weekend, but this year was just insane.

Of course it rained. Alex and his dads decided they would still brave Keenland (our yearly tradition), but I on the other hand did not feel like spending the day crammed inside with old handicappers watching simulcast. So, I hosted a little impromptu Derby Party at Lynnwood where the roses were blooming and the Bourbon was flowing. I can’t even tell you how many years I’ve bet on The Derby (horse betting in Kentucky starts at an early age), but I can tell you that I NEVER, EVER win. Except this year!! I took Mitch’s advice and placed $2 across on Super-Saver and FINALLY won some cash on the big race!!!

But then it kept raining. Between Derby night and Sunday afternoon we got over “5 of rain. We are so fortunate that we don’t live on a flood zone, but that didn’t mean we were exempt from flooding. Alex ventured out at about 4:00 to check our crawl space and this is what he found:

Yes, that’s our water heater and our furnace unit. And yes that is at least 6 inches of water. And you’re right, this does mean that we didn’t have any hot water or cool air. Thank goodness Mitch had a pump and thank goodness the flooding was bad enough to trap our best friends Matt and Sarah at our house. Matt jumped right in and helped Mitch and Alex get the pump going and even climbed the roof to find a leak.

Sarah did what she does best and kept me calmed down; along with enjoying our new lakefront property and reminding me I wouldn’t have school Monday.

But this morning the sun was shining bright!  It stopped raining. The water was out of the crawl space.The air condition man was over first thing this morning and got everything up and running again.   But our prayers are still going up for everyone that is still fighting the water. Especially in Nashville.


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