Side Room/Living Room/Den Update

Since we last blogged there has been a massive amount of work done on our side room that is beginning to look like an actual living room or, for us, a den. Alex and Mitch have been busting it out over the last couple of days (Especially Mitch. He’s working on getting himself a sweet father’s day gift.)

All of the drywall is up, with the exception of the fireplace area, but that’s a special project so we’re saving that for last. I attempted to help Mitch out with drywall but I just ended up creating more work for him with the mess I made.  So far there are two coats of mud up. We’re hoping that we’ll be ready to paint by this weekend or at the beginning of next week! 🙂




Mud Time!

Looks like June 5th may be possible after all! 🙂


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