Move Over 1997 it’s 2011 (almost:))!!


We’re super excited to get our brand new couch today!! This will only be the third piece of furniture we have bought for our house, everything else has been hand-me-downs. Which is great, but it’s time to leave the 1997 couch behind. We asked our families to give us only money this year so we could outfit our new room to fit our style. Luckily, we are blessed to have an awesome family who made it possible to give the ole’ blue and green plaid couch the boot (R.I.P Plaid Monster – all I’m going to say is it’s a good thing you can’t tell stories.)

We opted for a sectional for a couple of reasons – 1.) It fits the space better than a couch/love seat combo and 2.) it will provide for lots of extra seating for entertaining (which hopefully will be happening very soon).


Merry Christmas to us!!

Alex and I are both excited to kick back and relax tonight on the sectional, but I’m really excited to start planning out a mood board with rugs, tables, lamps, art, storage, etc… ooohhhhh so pumped! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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  1. B

    Yeah, the sectional look gorgeous! Enjoy.

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