Recycled Khakis and Pillow Cases

My husband was sweet enough to let me use a family gift-card to buy this:


MY FIRST SEWING MACHINE!!! The gift card was actually from my grandfather which makes this a little extra special since his mom (my great-grandmother), Mrs. Jerene Linville was an expert seamstress.

I actually have a little  experience sewing from when I was a little girl. I was an active participant in 4-H and my first and favorite projects were sewing projects. My neighbor/future teacher/future co-worker/ second mom – Kay, was my sewing instructor and together we created Holstein cow shorts, a navy blue pants suit with a stripped jacket, and a red A-line dress. I even cashed a couple checks on my threads by winning “Grand-Champion” at the county fair and placing once at the state fair. But like most things, sewing was pushed aside for my love of soccer.

Fast forward 13 years and I’ve retired from the pitch and I’m back at the sewing machine. I’ve actually completed a few projects since purchasing my new Brother, but my shoulder bag/purse, made out of Alex’s old Khakis and a pillow case, turned out the best.  I didn’t use a pattern or any specific directions, but if you are interested there are 100’s of blogs who have directions that can help you.

My incredible husband has a very bad habit of putting pens in his pockets. Not that bad of a habit, except they usually bust and ruin his pants. Thank-goodness I’ve unveiled my crafty side, ruined pants make  free material!

I started off by cutting one leg as close to the crotch as I could.

I made the widest portion of the pants the bottom of the bag. Not much sewing on this part, just a straight stitch across the bottom and an angled stitch on the corners to round her off.

Have an old pillow case around? Yes? Me too. Which made a perfect liner for my bag.

I used the bottom half of the right pant leg to cut a small square that I then sewed to the liner to make a pocket for my must haves, like my  Chap( I hate digging in my purse for it, mostly because I wrecked once while doing so – eeekkk!) . I also attached the liner to the bag.

Next, I chopped off the left leg to make a strap (I forgot to take pictures of the strap process, but I ended up sewing two doubled lengths together to get my length – I wanted the bag to be long) and then attached each strap end to the inside side of the bag.

Start to finish I probably spent about an hour on this project, but the best part is it was 100% FREE!!! (I already had the thread too!)

And Alex has a new pair of shorts to wear this summer when he’s mowing the grass. ; )



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  1. HAHA! I about died laughing at the last picture. Fantastic job! Nice machine! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with-I didn’t realized you had sewed that much growing up. That’s fun. My Granny Watts tried to teach us, but it didn’t really stick. haha. She was absolutely fascinated by my machine over Christmas-just sat in the kitchen and watched me. It’s fun when things like that come full circle.

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