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Ideas that get us going!

Bargain Find

In every House Beautiful, Traditional Home, or interior design blog I read these appear:

Pottery Barn $159.00

Ceramic garden stools. They can be used (as I demonstrated for Alex) in the garden, as extra seating inside or outside, or even a small table.The possibilities are endless, but at $159.00 this was not a possibility for mi casa. But guess what I found at Big Lots:

Big Lots $20.00

Yep $20.00! Ceramic AND better details. This baby is currently serving as a foot stool in my office and is perfect when I’m spending time working on my online class. Bargain find of the summer……so far.



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Better Before or After?

I love, love, love when I hit up my favorite blogs and they have posted ‘Before and After’ pictures of ¬†projects! I get all giddy! So imagine how excited I was when I found a WHOLE blog devoted to only ‘Before and After’ pictures! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

You should check it out because not only are some of the transformations amazing, but there is always something inspiring to see!


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Decorators Showcase 2010

No, we aren’t being showcased. Not yet anyways. ūüėČ

Last month I blogged about House, a great group of local designers starting out on their own. This month my Mom and I are planning another outing to scope out the boy’s work, but this time it’s on location at the Decorators Showcase. I’m not only excited because we’ll get to check out local designers, but I’m also glad that the profits are going ¬†to benefit the Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass. NHOA works to protects the rights of residents, which is really important to me and my family since my Granny Florence resides in our local nursing home.

The dates run April 24th- May 16th and lunch is being provided each day by one of my favorite restaurants -Vardens. If you have a chance and are looking for something to do for fairly cheap (discounted tickets are available if you get them by Friday.) with some people you love you should check this out!

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Art So Easy Bella Wells Could Do It!

The title is not an exaggeration folks. Bella Corey Wells helped her mommy out by lending her paws for a super easy art project. For Valentines Day this year Bella and I created an original painting for Alex. Not only did it turn out adorable, but it was simple and cheap! I picked up a $5.00 frame of Wally World, a small tube of paint, and used paper from our printer for Bella to create this master piece:

Alex's V-Day Gift

I covered a paper plate with the paint and helped Bella dab her paws, as much as would let me, and then helped her walk all over the white paper. Of course when she got loose my kitchen floor had more paw prints on it than the paper did, so I’d recommend trying this outdoors. The last step was just to cut down part of¬†Bella’s work to fit the frame. Alex loved it and said it was the best Valentines gift he’d ever gotten. Total cost: $7.00 for the frame and paint.

The second DIY art idea I’m sharing is simple, but not so simple Bella Wells could do it. Once again, I took inspiration for Young House and put my own little spin on it. Sherri had framed one of favorite quotes for some inspirational art (a great idea), but I’m kind of quoted out these days. Instead, I took the lyrics from “our song” (Which no one even knows because the DJ played the wrong first dance song at our wedding, lol!), John Legend’s Stay With You.

Again, this was super simple. I copied and pasted the lyrics, chose a pretty font, added a faded blue close to our wall color, and cut it all out to fit in a frame I had stored away.  Total cost: 100% FREE!

Stay With You - John Legend


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Bored? Go to RUPP!

No, unfortunately, there isn’t any basketball action happening, but there are some ¬†great home improvement ideas in Rupp this weekend. Alex and I just got back from the annual home and garden show that’s being held in Heritage Hall (Lexington Center) and Rupp Arena. Besides getting some delicious honey roasted almonds, we signed up for a slew of free bath makeovers (because the ¬†bath, that I won’t even show you all, is in desperate need of some help), got some great ideas for the patio, and learned lots of ways to make our house more energy-efficient. The show runs through Sunday, so if you’re in Central Kentucky, and aren’t going to Keenland, I’d recommend checking it out!


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When my mom called me Friday night and invited me to an open house Saturday morning I was less than enthused; mostly because of the SATURDAY MORNING part. She said the open house was for a designer who attends church with her (and I should mention she attends a small country church where the average age of the members is at least 73).¬†I knew she didn’t want to go by herself. So, I womaned up and was knocked off my feet! I left ¬†House feeling oh so inspired by the guys at House and saying I wish I could work for them in the summer. I mean, I’d even work for free, thats how much I loved what I saw and how it made me feel.

I hope you’ll check out their site and their blog. They also were featured in a great piece in the Lexington Herald Leader this past week. I love the guys’ designs , but I also love how they made the sweetest lemonade in town when they were given very tart lemons.

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Weekend wrap up!

WOW!?!? Has it really been a week since I updated? Yikes. I guess it makes since when I start thinking about how crazy this past week has been. Recovery from Louisville, (I know some of you must have thought we got lost in The Ville.) recovery from the amazing SEC tournament (GO CATS!), ¬†the time change, conference all day Monday, and then I wrapped up the week fighting back spasms. Shewww…. it was crazy, but the back is good thanks to a little R&R.

Anyhoo, I had a great time this past weekend with Brittany and Sarah. We hadn’t hung out together in such a looooonnnnnggggggg time and great friends are always good for the soul. And great friends they are, since they let me drive (a skill I have yet to master) so we could make a couple of stops in the big city. ¬†I was so excited when we pulled into Z Gallerie I let out a huge gasp, which made the girls think I had hit something or somebody. But I just couldn’t control myself!

Sarah and Brittany outside Z Gallerie

The store was as great as I thought it would be. I saw tons of things that I thought would work great in the new den and around the house.

Not only is this chair super comfy, but it spins. Making it perfect for the space in front of the fireplace..

These were just calling my name. But we don't really have a spot for them.

I was a little overwhelmed walking around the store because everything I saw I wanted to buy. My solution? To buy nothing. ¬†I have know idea how I made it out of there without spending my whole paycheck, but I did. ¬†However, I didn’t walk out totally empty handed. I snapped plenty of inspiration pics and a couple of DIY ideas.

This would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T for the guest room!

I've been pressing flowers since I was five, this is a definite DIY project.

White, crisp accessories make me swoon. Al and I have already talked about putting equestrian pieces in our future dining room. This piece could make everyone happy.

This little guy almost made it back to Lynnwood. But then I remembered those white cans of spray paint I have and how easy it would be to spray paint my own wild animal.

I should have bought these for our bedroom. But I'm pretty sure I can make something similar for cheap.

Of course shopping with Sarah Long wouldn’t be shopping if we didn’t stop by Target. ¬†We made a quick stop at the nearest Target and I found the perfect shelf for the back bath, a super cute wallet, and a lime green rug. The green rug is headed back to the red bullseye, but that just means another shopping trip is on the horizon.

Alex and Mitch even made some progress on the side room a.k.a the future den and most importantly THE CATS brought home another SEC Championship. All in all, I’d say we had a great weekend.

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