How much can you get done in a week?

If  this question were posed to me two weeks ago, I would have said “not much”. But, since last Wednesday we have been busting it out in the side room, a.k.a the den, and I would now say we could build an entire room (or at least almost) in a week.

This time last week this is what the room looked like:

As you can see every seam has been covered with drywall mud and it had been sanded twice already.

Now, the way this show works is, Mitch and Diana (in-Laws of the century!) come over at night. Alex helps Mitch do the “man” stuff and Diana and I tell them how to do the “man” stuff. 🙂 Then at the end of the night I get a few projects I can complete the next day while I’m home enjoying summer break. My job on this day? Sand everything on the lower half of the room. Sounded easy enough. I just needed the 220 grit drywall sandpaper and a mask. I’m sure this task would have been easy for a person who can actually breath during normal life, but since my asthma and allergies make my life hell, this was grueling for me. I doubled up on the masks and wore safety glasses. Three hours later   ( it should not have taken that long) I had finally finished.

That night Mitch and Alex finished the upper portion of the room. After a quick cleanup the space was starting to look like an actual room.

My kitchen table on the other hand…….

My Kitchen Table

needed some serious help, as did the rest of our house! Everything was covered in drywall dust, it looked like our house had been abandoned for 30 years and the floors were even worse. Luckily for me Ms. Diana is an expert cleaner ( she doesn’t miss a speck of dirt) which is nice when your house is in the shape our’s was.


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First of all, thanks to all of you who are still checking the blog even though there hasn’t been an update in forever and a day! You guys are awesome! Second, school is out! YAY!!!!! And I am slowly starting to get back into doing things around the house. To be honest, I was suffering from a little burnout. Between school and the sloooowwwww progress of the side room, for the last month and half I haven’t wanted to touch anything even slightly related to the house. BUT over the last week we have made major progress with the room (which I will detail later).

Right now we’re dealing with an unbelievable amount of drywall dust. I don’t, but for some reason I just didn’t think people were serious when they said dust would be everywhere once we got done sanding. I was right. They lied. It’s EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE in this place! So, tomorrow will devoted to cleaning the entire house (since I also gave up on that about a month ago) and maybe a little painting.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! Updates are on the way!!! 🙂


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Side Room/Living Room/Den Update

Since we last blogged there has been a massive amount of work done on our side room that is beginning to look like an actual living room or, for us, a den. Alex and Mitch have been busting it out over the last couple of days (Especially Mitch. He’s working on getting himself a sweet father’s day gift.)

All of the drywall is up, with the exception of the fireplace area, but that’s a special project so we’re saving that for last. I attempted to help Mitch out with drywall but I just ended up creating more work for him with the mess I made.  So far there are two coats of mud up. We’re hoping that we’ll be ready to paint by this weekend or at the beginning of next week! 🙂




Mud Time!

Looks like June 5th may be possible after all! 🙂

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The Reason Why Teachers Get Summer Vacation

I am the perfect example of why teachers get a summer vacation. We have a mere 22 school days left (thanks to our surprise flood day yesterday) and I’m not sure I’ll make it.  With end of the year comes the all important “standardized testing” that tells the world whether or not  I’m doing my job the kids have learned anything in the past 12 years.  I’m so exhausted when I get home these days that I barely have any energy to figure out what to eat for supper. But I’m hoping that by the end of next week (testing week) a huge amount of pressure will be lifted and I can get back into the many projects that need to be finished around here. Until then, chances are it’ll be hit or miss with updates. But starting June 5th I’ll have eight weeks to do whatever my heart pleases! 🙂

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A Drenched Derby Day

Sheeeewww what a weekend! You always expect Derby Weekend to be little more crazy than the average weekend, but this year was just insane.

Of course it rained. Alex and his dads decided they would still brave Keenland (our yearly tradition), but I on the other hand did not feel like spending the day crammed inside with old handicappers watching simulcast. So, I hosted a little impromptu Derby Party at Lynnwood where the roses were blooming and the Bourbon was flowing. I can’t even tell you how many years I’ve bet on The Derby (horse betting in Kentucky starts at an early age), but I can tell you that I NEVER, EVER win. Except this year!! I took Mitch’s advice and placed $2 across on Super-Saver and FINALLY won some cash on the big race!!!

But then it kept raining. Between Derby night and Sunday afternoon we got over “5 of rain. We are so fortunate that we don’t live on a flood zone, but that didn’t mean we were exempt from flooding. Alex ventured out at about 4:00 to check our crawl space and this is what he found:

Yes, that’s our water heater and our furnace unit. And yes that is at least 6 inches of water. And you’re right, this does mean that we didn’t have any hot water or cool air. Thank goodness Mitch had a pump and thank goodness the flooding was bad enough to trap our best friends Matt and Sarah at our house. Matt jumped right in and helped Mitch and Alex get the pump going and even climbed the roof to find a leak.

Sarah did what she does best and kept me calmed down; along with enjoying our new lakefront property and reminding me I wouldn’t have school Monday.

But this morning the sun was shining bright!  It stopped raining. The water was out of the crawl space.The air condition man was over first thing this morning and got everything up and running again.   But our prayers are still going up for everyone that is still fighting the water. Especially in Nashville.

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Better Before or After?

I love, love, love when I hit up my favorite blogs and they have posted ‘Before and After’ pictures of  projects! I get all giddy! So imagine how excited I was when I found a WHOLE blog devoted to only ‘Before and After’ pictures! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

You should check it out because not only are some of the transformations amazing, but there is always something inspiring to see!


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We Are the Laziest People in the World

We did absolutely nothing to the house this weekend. Actually, I take that back. We did get the lock on the front door fixed by our close family friend. But other than that we did nothing besides lay around and eat (just what we both needed). Was the weekend wasted? Nah…..everyone needs time away from projects. And what better way to spend a rainy weekend (Thank you God, we needed the rain) than with each other and our daughter Bella Wells?!?

Here’s to hoping we get something done this week!

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