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Simple Sugar Scrub

First off, there isn’t a lot of remodeling, renovating, or construction related projects going down on Lynnwood these days. After the big side room redo, we definitely needed a break, as did our piggy bank. But there is lots of LIVING happening on Lynnwood! So the post, at least for a little while, will be more about the living that is going on.

Back to sugar. Who doesn’t love sugar? Uh…….me??? I don’t really have a big sweet tooth (more of a salt kinda girl), but I did finally find a use for the sugar in my pantry and a cheap solution to my annoying dry skin.

Every year for Christmas I buy my Mom a nice sugar scrub and every winter when I’m complaining about my dry, itchy skin she raves about how  she couldn’t live without her scrub and how I should really buy some for myself. Except for I’m not willing to splurge $15.00 dollars on myself (yes, I know I’m cheap. Alex has worn off on me.). Instead, I hopped over  to  Martha’s page and found a simple recipe for sugar scrub . There are literally hundreds of variations on the web for this recipe and I substitute the carrier oil for baby oil that had aloe (extra important for dry skin) mixed in.

Even though, I’m not a cooking expert this was fool-proof. Total cost: maybe $8.00 (give or take a few cents). I’ve been able to make several batches from my initial supplies, which is nice because I can be as liberal as I want with the amount I use. I’ve also given a few canisters ($2.00 at Wally World) away as winter pick-me-ups. A quick tip, if you apply before you get in the shower I find it really increases the softness of your skin  AND be careful in the tub with the oil. Happy Scrubbing!

P.S.  Alex was willing to try on his new daisy dukes for me (insert tiger purr), but the pictures were a little to rated for the blog. ; )



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